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Chives Egg Omellete

Welcome to the Grazer's Barn Blog!

Today we want to share a simple nutritious recipe that features one of our bestsellers, Chives.

The scientific name is allium tuberosum which is a species of onion that originated from southwest of China. The common name is garlic chives.

They are loaded with a lot of finer and vitamins.

For this recipe we will only use, chives, eggs, vegetable oil and salt.

1. Wash and cut garlic chives into pieces around two inches long. It's around 2 cups.

2. Then, add ½ tablespoon oil in a pan and turn on fire high. Next, add the cut garlic chives, sprinkle 1/16 teaspoon salt and stir fry for a minute or two. Set it aside.

3. Crack and beat 5 large eggs in a bowl.

4. After that, add cooked garlic chives, ¼ teaspoon of salt into the beaten eggs and mix it well.

5. Pour ½ tablespoon of oil into a non-stick pan. Then, turn on fire and add the egg mixture. Cook until eggs are done according to your preference.

6. Enjoy! ☺️

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