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Home to a herb lover's paradise! 

Welcome to Grazers barn farm, a realm of lush greenery and aromatic delights. As a dedicated herbs farm, our mission is simple yet profound: to foster a deep connection between people and the herbs that grace our lives.


We take great pride in nurturing a diverse range of basil, sage, chives, rosemary, and an enchanting assortment of herbs, each infused with our passion and care.

Join us on a sensory adventure, exploring the tantalizing scents and tastes of our hand-picked herbs. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast seeking to elevate your dishes or an herbal aficionado discovering the therapeutic properties of these wonderful plants, our herbs are bound to delight your senses and invigorate your senses.

Indulge in the symphony of flavors and embrace the vitality of our herbs - each a celebration of the Earth's bounty.

Our Story

Our Products

Aromatic Elegance - From Our Farm to Your Table

Welcome to our collection of meticulously grown herbs, a symphony of flavors and aromas. Each herb in our selection, including basil, sage, chives, rosemary, and more, is a testament to the dedication and passion we pour into our craft.

·       Culinary Herbs: Elevate your cooking with our hand-picked, farm-fresh culinary herbs. Infuse your dishes with the vibrant essence of basil, the earthiness of sage, or the subtle allure of chives. Our culinary herbs will awaken your taste buds and inspire your culinary creations.

·       DIY Garden Kits: Embark on your herb-growing journey with our DIY garden kits. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our kits provide everything you need to cultivate your very own herbs at home.

"Grazer's Barn is my first choice in organic herbs. I prefer them to other sources, as I am always blown away by the quality of their farm-grown herbs."

Ann Fraser

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